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Key West Sandal Factory - America’s Oldest Sandal Company Est. 1932

The "Original" Key West Sandal Company- Est. 1932

Key West Sandal Factory - Old Key West

Key West Sandal Factory - America’s Oldest Sandal Company Est. 1932
Key West Sandal Factory is an iconic, American brand that was established in 1932 and is the oldest sandal factory in the US.

In 1932, archeologist Dr. Randall Walline Sr., who studied the footwear of Egyptians, opened Key West Sandal Factory on Whitehead Street along the harbor waterfront and began selling his handmade, custom designed sandals. Expanding on his father’s research, podiatrist Dr. Randall Walline, Jr., improved the sandal’s level of comfort and made it therapeutic for the foot. The result, a sandal that is fashionable, affordable, durable and could be worn everyday.

During the past eight decades Key West Sandal Factory has grown into a favored supplier of comfortable sandals, offering a variety of styles and vibrant colors. We continue the tradition of our founder by providing quality footwear to you via the internet, and telephone. Each "Key West Sandal" is renowned throughout the world, and is infused with the spirit of the Islands.

Key West Sandals are timeless. That’s important, because with proper care your Key West sandals will wear for a very long time. Using full grain leather uppers and premium rubber soles, we craft a true quality sandal that is often copied , however never duplicated in quality of materials or craftsmanship.

Key West Sandals can be seen on the streets, and beaches of the world as well as on the feet of countless celebrities. Key West Sandal Factory continues to make "Tropical Pleasure for your feet", and enjoys being part of many fashion magazines published in the US and abroad.

We have a passion for our products, an appreciation for their heritage, and a true belief in their benefits. To that end, our business is a reflection of what we choose to represent-quality products that are unique, timeless and respectful of the world around us.

Key West Sandal Factory’s reputation is strengthened by an employee team that is committed to being a friendly resource in providing all customers with an exemplary level of service, knowledge, and assistance.

Key West Sandal Factory "Making Tropical Pleasure for your feet" Since 1932!